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Iron Maiden is known for some of the most powerful hits in the industry like The Trooper and Two Minutes to Midnight. Iron Maiden has always been known to be one of the most popular and influential bands in the heavy metal genre. The band has been often imitated and has been in existence for more than two decades now, providing fans wild rock music, much like Judas Priest. The band has been a big underground attraction but has failed to obtain any real attention from the US media as critics have claimed the members to be Satanists because of their dark themes. However, the band has gained much popularity throughout the world and has been the one to set the scene for rock during the 80s. The concerts of the band had been known for their high energy and Iron Maiden tickets were always much sought after for all the concerts that the band ever went for.

The Beginning

The band was formed first by Steve Harris, the bassist in the year 1976 who later joined up with Tony Parsons the rhythm guitarist, Doug Sampson the drummer and Paul DiAnno the vocalist. Before they managed to get a record deal, the band performed locally through the 70s and received a good deal of airplay in London. Dennis Stratton had been replaced by Parsons and it was in 1980 that the band finally made their record debut with a self titled album. The release had been recorded in a good deal of hurry but it had been a hit due to the single Running Free. In the year 1982, DiAnno had been replaced by Bruce Dickinson for the groundbreaking album, Number of the Beast.

This new album featured songs like Hallowed be Thy Name which are known today as some of the greatest rock songs of all times. The unexpected success of the album made Iron Maiden international superstars and they kept their style the same for Piece of Mind, their next album. Their third album, Powerslave was a cult hit.

The Legend

Iron Maiden had already been known as a unique and powerful metal band by the time Live After Death had been released. Somewhere in Time, their long awaited album of 1986 showed a departure from their earlier style and introduced synthesizer guitars and themes that were relevant. The most critically albums of the band had been The Clairvoyant and Evil That Men Do. No Prayer for Dying had been released in 1990 with Janick Gers, the new guitarist. The Fear of Dark had been the last album that featured Dickinson and it debuted at the number one spot on the UK charts. The album had been one of their best selling albums in the history of the band. Another album had been released after the band sent on two tours, A Real Live One, containing the live versions of some of their new hit singles and it featured some of the classic songs of Iron Maiden tickets concerts.

Blaze Bayley, the replacement for Dickinson featured in the album, The X Factor in 1995. While the album was not as big a hit as some of the bands other albums, it was successful in the UK. The band marked the end of the year with their double compilation record, Best of the Beast. In the year 1998 Bayley had been terminated and Smith and Dickinson returned for a tour in the year 1999. The next year, Brave New World, a new album had been released. During the early 2000s, the band toured extensively and released live Rock in various places and a greatest hits collection in the year 2002. Dance of Death was the next studio album released in the year 2003. Rainmaker EP and live DVDs of the History of Iron Maiden had been released next. Iron Maiden is one of the most popular bands and has always been much loved by fans who have always been looking out for Iron Maiden tickets.
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Iron Maiden Tickets - Rock On With Iron Maiden With These Easy To Find Online Concert Tickets

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