Justin Bieber Co-signs Diddy's Album While Recording New Track

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Last Tuesday evening, MTV News was lucky enough to get their hands on getting the news that Justin Bieber was laying down his new tracks over at Diddy's recording New York City.

"In the studio getting creative," he wrote. "Just got to show luv to my big bro @iamdiddy and his new album 'Last Train to Paris.' "

Scooter Braun , for those who don't know he is Bieber's manager explained to them that Justin Bieber had an idea for a song that he needed to "getting of his chest". Justin Bieber then turned to Diddy's studio as he feels that Diddy's studio is just like a second home for him.

MTV News who happened to be spending the day with Diddy, who had just released his new album which is Last Train to Paris. Although Diddy had hardly ever stop working with himself, he jokingly mentioned that Justin Bieber had been too busy for him these days.

"Well, I mean, you try to get in contact with me through all my partners and whatnot, but you never really got my number, so you want my number?" the 16-year-old responded.

Once both of them exchanged their phone number, Diddy made Justin Bieber as an official member of his Diddy-Dirty Money and gave both Bieber and Braun the group's official varsity jacket. "Go get the album. Everybody if you're anybody you'll go get the album," Bieber said promoting Last Train. He later added that, "It's gonna be the greatest album you ever heard," he later added. "Everybody's on this album. Go get this album. We're out."

Bieber than later tweeted this message over Twitter,"I've missed the studio. Just making music,"."Made some great records tonight. Now en route to see my big bro @usherraymondiv."

Once tweeting the message, he was on his way to watch Usher's performance over at the Madison Square Garden. When the show ended, he tweeted that, "big bro @usherraymondiv killed it at MSG tonight. ... I had to come thru and support #family."
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Justin Bieber Co-signs Diddy's Album While Recording New Track

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This article was published on 2010/12/17