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With the release of Justin Bieber new "Unplugged" album, he works with many aspects where he might need to strip off all away all the echo, sound effect, overdubs, and also auto-tuner and still manage to create something that is catchy and robust. Not only it takes high skills from the singer to manage that, they have to go a step further by taking listeners to both the core as well as the singer of the song.

Besides modern artist besides Justin Bieber who risk their career pulling of stunts like this, Adam Lambert too attempted this.

Justin Bieber is been said to have based most of his career by using auto-tuned hooks on his voice with his floppy hair and also Adam Lambert who manage to gain fame for his love of volume and overkill.

Surprisingly. the stripped album released by Justin Bieber was as good as a Slayer acoustic CD. There's nearly a little glossy treatment of his voice in the album as he did in the studio. The album also featured an electric bass, a full drum kit as well as synths galore. They just shoved an acoustic guitar on the album cover for display purpose only.

Justin who had been admittedly to have been very defensive with his voice manipulation where during his last tour he performed multiple solo acoustics to drop this accusations but the only one that made into the album was "Favorite Girl" and the song is wonderful. Apparently his voice has more character into it added with flexibility without the help from all the vocal helpers.

Even with releasing songs in unplugged versions and singing song's without any vocal helper multiple times, people are still out to hate Justin saying that he still uses an auto-tuner for his voice. So what do you have to say now , Bieber-haters?
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My Worlds Acoustic!

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This article was published on 2010/12/01