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Duran Duran is back with their new album “Red Carpet Massacre [CD/DVD]”. Since their last album which was released in 2005-- the hits “Astronaut,” “Red Carpet Massacre [CD/DVD]” is the twelfth album which illustrates their musical expertise. Of course this album has deviated from their original music which was more synth-driven and full of rock guitar flirtations. Rock guitar which was a prominent instrument in their mid-career period is least to be found in this album.


In a way, their new album can be said to be a slickly polished electro-pop hybrid. It is an output of collaborative effort of Timberland, his protege Nate "Danja" Hills and Justin Timberlake. The most prominent numbers of the album include 'Falling Down' and 'Nite Runner'. This is a consistent album that is fun and enjoyable.

Along with the album, a special CD/DVD Edition is also launched in the market which features a special half an hour documentary highlighting details of the album. It also includes mind-blowing performances of guest artists like Justin Timberlake and Timberland.

Disc one of the album comprises exotic numbers like The Valley, Falling Down, Skin Divers, Tricked Out, Box Full O' Honey and Dirty Great Monster. Its Red Carpet Massacre, Tempted, Nite-runner, Zoom In, She's Too Much are another numbers that have gained wide popularity among the music lovers.

After their 1993 comeback with The Wedding Album, Duran Duran has proved to be much stylish and creative in the Red Carpet Massacre. Perhaps it is the most aesthetic of all their creation. Most interestingly, instead of going for the new waves of bands like the Killers, in this album we can find more original works of the vocalist Simon LeBon and other musicians like Nick Rhodes, the keyboardist, and drummers like rummer Roger Taylor.

Red Carpet Massacre (CD/DVD) is sure to rock, because of its innovative and extraordinary music. Especially, the ballads like "Falling Down", is quite appealing. With more of a hybrid kind of music, Duran Duran is in a way trying to create a sensation in the musical world.

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Red Carpet Massacre (cd/dvd)

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This article was published on 2010/01/27